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Greetings students and parents!

We would like to welcome the following new students to our studio: Shon Atterbury, Tyler Gorman, Stevie Triplett III, Kyson Beamer, Samuel Krueger, Cameron Colton, Alyssa St. Amand, Tammy St. Amand, Audrey Stone, Quinn Stone, Liezl Eisenbrey, Simon Beckenhauer, Zachary Hiers, Emily Mariner, James Thompson, Jon Puz, Mario Ortiz, Paul Pressel,
Congratulations on your commitment to self improvement and excellence. Our goal is to not only offer you the best Martial Arts instruction but to improve your overall quality of life as you gain confidence, discipline and enhanced physical skills.

Schedule of upcoming events:

Halloween costume party

Friday, October 28th 5pm-6:15pm

Bring a friend or family member to Karate today, wearing your favorite Halloween costume. This party is going to be super fun. Games, costume contest, snacks, refreshments.
Please do not wear costumes with any of the following. Glitter, fake liquid blood, swords, knives, or any objects that may cause injury.
All regular scheduled classes will be cancelled for the evening.

Black Belt instructors meeting

Friday, November 4th 6pm-7pm.
All Black Belts are expected to attend!
All regular scheduled classes after 6pm will be cancelled for the evening.

Picture Days: November 7th and 8t

ll students are encouraged to join us for picture days, and get your photo included on the 2016 wall plaque. Our photographer is very professional, and is a Martial artist himself. He will do a great job assisting you with creating a great photo.

We will be closed November 24th and 25th

In observation of Thanksgiving

Written test

December 5th and 6th for all students 7th gup and higher who have earned all four required testing stripes on their belt. Be sure to study your Gup manual.


Friday, December 9th
Hey parents! Drop off the kids with us and go have yourselves a night out together. While you’re gone,we’ll be having a blast. Our Black Belts will have the evening planned with exciting activities, pizza, refreshments, and a kid friendly movie. All students, family and friends are welcome to attend.
Minimum age is 4yrs. Cost-$12.00 ea
All regular scheduled classes after 6pm will be cancelled for the evening

Belt Testing Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Little Dragon white-yellow belt exam is Dec. 15th.

This will be our last Belt testing in 2016.
Students who have earned all required stripes on their belt may test in the upcoming May test cycle unless they have been otherwise notified by the instructor. See bulletin board for test times and details for submitting paperwork. All regular scheduled training will be canceled for the evening


Saturday December 17th 5-7pm
Location: Jo Lane School
Please join us for an evening of camaraderie, celebration and great food. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend along with friends and family

Christmas break:

The studio will be closed from December 23rd – January 1st. We will resume our normal class schedule on Monday January 2nd.
We have provided make up classes during the month of December to compensate for this time off. Please see December schedule at the studio

Lessons in Mindfulness
Breaking Through Your Limitations

Copyright 2003, Martial Arts Fitness Corporation

A wise phrase reads, “No one who has led a life of ease has a name worth remembering.” The lives of some of the most remarkable martial artists are woven with stories of great personal struggle. One of the qualities they all shared was relentless enthusiasm and optimism. We can all admire and learn from their unwavering positive attitudes. I don’t mean that we should adopt a “Pollyanna” attitude, and claim that the glass is half full when it is really empty. Instead, like these great martial artists, we could all benefit during our difficult moments, if we remember that, “this too shall pass.”

Life always contains cycles of good times and bad. During either period, we only have control over one hing—our own behavior—specifically, our reaction. Realizing this truth, great martial artists choose to develop habits, which lead them in the directions they wish to go. Once they determine their path, they stay diligent in their disciplines and choices. Everyone has heard the phrase, “attitude is everything,” but nothing sums up this concept as succinctly as the Japanese phrase, “Kaizen.” More than just a word, Kaizen represents a philosophy of commitment. The person makes a resolution to never stop improving.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
-T.S. Eliot

Control your reactions
Use your practice as a tool for disciplining and developing your body, as well as a means to building a strong and powerful attitude.
A person with a weak will might hear about constant never-ending improvement and immediately think, “Nothing will ever be good enough. No matter how ard I try, I will always have to improve.” This same idea would have the opposite effect on an optimistic and enthusiastic martial artist. He understands the philosophy as an opportunity to continuously grow and strive for his fullest potential. He doesn’t judge or get frustrated by errors. Optimists correct and improve their behavior, and perceive this as an opportunity. Pessimists see this same act, as proof that they are failing.

Relate this idea of Kaizen to the practice of martial arts. With a pessimistic attitude, the student reaches only a very basic level of development in his physical technique. When he hits a plateau, he becomes frustrated and rationalizes why he cannot get any better. In his mind, he has decided that this is as good as he will ever be, or the effort that is required to get better is just too much. He understands that with diligence, his technique will improve. A plateau should not be the end of the journey, but just a place to assess your practice and make necessary changes before moving on.

It is important to note that most people are mentally defeated long before they are physically defeated. By developing the will, the body and the mind, martial artists are able to withstand and conquer most challenges in their lives. If you sometimes fall into the category of a pessimist, make a commitment right now to replace this debilitating habit. Use your practice as a tool for disciplining and developing your body, as well as a means to building a strong and powerful attitude. With Kaizen, you can empower all aspects of your life.

Seize every opportunity

A plateau can be the next step in the journey

Empower your life

Do the thing we fear, and death of fear is certain.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tang soo!