Roseburg Martial Arts Academy Student Newsletter

October – December 2018

Students and family members,

Summer has now past and we hope you had some time to get out and enjoy some nice weather and beautiful surroundings we are blessed with here in the Northwest. As we move towards cooler days and the Holiday season, we want to keep you updated about RMAA news, upcoming events and days closed for the Holiday’s

Schedule of upcoming events:
Fall Cleaning Party @ RMAA:
October 20th 9:30am – 12:30pm

We will be doing our Fall Cleaning at the DoJang
Volunteers are needed to help out. See sign-up sheet at the studio.

Halloween costume party!
Friday, October 26th 5pm-6:15pm

Bring a friend or family member to Karate today wearing your favorite Halloween costume. This party is going to be super fun. Games, costume contest, snacks, refreshments. Please do not wear costumes with any of the following. Glitter, fake liquid blood, swords, knives, or any objects that may cause injury.
All regular scheduled classes will be cancelled for the evening.

Picture Days: November 5th & 6th

all students are encouraged to join us for picture days, and get your photo included on the 2018 wall plaque. Our photographer is very professional, and is a Martial artist himself. He will do a great job assisting you with creating a great photo. Black Belt group photo will be @ 6pm Nov 6th

Belt Testing:
Our final Belt Testing for 2018 will be on November 14th and 15th. The details of each test date and times will be posted at the Dojang

Friday December 7th – 6pm-9pm

Hey parents! Drop off the kids with us and go have yourselves a night out together. Our team will have the evening planned with exciting activities, pizza and a kid friendly movie on a big screen. All students, family and friends are welcome to attend.

Minimum age is 4yrs. Cost-$15.00 ea

Black Belt class will be cancelled for the evening

New Black Belt Candidates (Blue Belts)
We want to congratulate the following students on their promotion to Cho Dan Bo during the May testing cycle. This Belt is the last color belt in our system and represents the student is in final preparation for taking their Black Belt test. Melissa Surmon, Kent Rutter and Koen Shelby are the most recently promoted to this rank. Jeremy Pieske, also a Cho Dan Bo was promoted earlier. These students will be eligible to test for their Black Belt in May of 2019, during the Region1 Championship weekend in San Francisco, CA following a successful Black Belt Pre Test, which will be held a couple months earlier at the Dojang. We are very proud of these members as they demonstrate the higher qualities and leadership skills our World Tang Soo Do Association expects of All Black Belts.

This certificate was presented to Dominic Hunt and Holy Floto for their demonstration of excellence in technical skill and attitude during the last Belt Test on August 22, 2018. We are very proud or you both as representatives of RMAA and the WTSDA

We will be closed the following days:
November 22nd & 23rd in observation of Thanksgiving

Christmas break:
The studio will be closed from December 24th – January 1st. We will resume our normal class schedule on Tuesday January 2nd 2019.

We have provided make up classes during the month of December to compensate for this time off. Please see December schedule at the studio.

Showing Respect for others:
Respect is a very broad term when people use it. What is the definition of respect? When I looked it up in the dictionary, I found out the dictionary definition is: to show regard or admiration of something or someone, an appreciation of worth.

Respect to me, is a way of showing someone that you think highly of them.

Treating people with respect makes your world a nicer place to live in, whether it’s at home, at school, or out in your community. And it’s easy – all you have to do is treat people the way you like to have them treat you.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Listen. I know it sounds easy, but listening–truly listening–can be one of the hardest skills to master
  • Encourage. If you’ve ever had a bad day, then you know the power a little encouragement can have
  • Congratulate. If someone does a great job, let them know about it
  • Be Helpful
  • Say Thank You

We live in a diverse nation made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds. That kind of variety can make all our lives a lot more fun and interesting, but only if we get along with each other. And to do that we have to respect each other. In addition to the list above, here are some ways we can respect people who are different from us.

  • Try to learn something from the other person.
  • Never stereotype people.
  • Show interest and appreciation for other people’s cultures and backgrounds.

With the holiday season approaching
you know that you will be consuming a large amount of different delicious holiday treats. Most of the time people relax the strictness of their dietary intake during this time of year, but for the Martial Artist, health and fitness is a year round concern. You wouldn’t want to impede months and months of training and working out by overdoing it during the holidays. Let yourself go a little bit, but not too much. Here are some healthy holiday suggestions.

Keep working Out:
Even when you are not having any classes at all, its important to keep up with your exercises, continuing to practice your forms and your techniques. The good Martial Artist knows the importance of staying in shape even during the holiday season. The more you let your outside training go, the more likely you will be to forget your forms and other techniques, or be prone to performing less accurately. Don’t let all that turkey and stuffing weigh you down too much.

Remember to eat healthy.
It is important that you try to eat as healthy as possible, especially during the holidays when you will have so much temptation from so many different treats. You should allow yourself a considerable amount of freedom when it comes to holiday treats; enjoy some of Mom’s cheesecake or Uncle’s special stuffing, but don’t over do it. It is never good to be greedy. The good Martial Artist can maintain a balance between what he or she eats and how much he or she exercises. By maintaining this balance, you can keep yourself looking good and feeling good. The better you look in the Dojang, the better you will feel about yourself. Not to mention the fact that maintaining good health is its own reward. You will be much happier with yourself after the holidays if you keep your eating and exercising in a comfortable balance. You will feel good when you return in shape and prepared to continue your Martial Arts training in the Dojang.

Happy Holidays!