How can adults benefit from training in Tang Soo Do?

In today’s hectic society, there is no doubt that we need self-defense skills. Equally important is physical fitness, and methods for the release of daily stress. At RMAA, we strive to constantly keep ourselves updated with the most effective self defense concepts and skills in order be prepared to face the most modern challenges. RMAA incorporates principles from a variety of Martial Arts, Tang Soo Do, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weapons, all of which provides our students with a well-balanced, “street-smart” self-defense system. If you have been waiting for a life changing experience, then wait no longer. People enjoy learning martial arts from our fun and friendly staff. We offer strength combined with endurance and flexibility training providing you with a total workout.

The adult classes are great for anyone who wants to get in shape, have a great workout and learn something practical at the same time. While learning basic skills and self-defense, the program builds strength, endurance, speed, and improves cardiovascular performance.

There are three basic levels of instruction, Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced. Semi private or private lessons are part of our trial program. No matter whether you are seeking self-defense, better health, physical fitness or Discipline, our Tang Soo Do program can meet your needs.