About Roseburg Martial Arts Academy

Since 1989, Roseburg Martial Arts Academy has been on the cutting edge of martial arts instruction. Our family-friendly programs help make learning martial arts available to everyone, not just the athletically inclined minority. With programs designed to benefit everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, our students range in age from 5 to 65.

RMAA offers a program that is self-competitive, not a team sport, where growth and progress is based on self-improvement, not in competition with others.

RMAA offers stability and credibility. Our affiliation with the World Tang Soo Do Association offers membership in an international community of martial artists. So much more is available to you as you expand your Martial Arts knowledge with us:

  • Certification through a trusted organization
  • Specialized camps
  • Clinic and seminar opportunities
  • Literature and other learning materials
  • Local, regional and international competitions

RMAA teaches traditional values, honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, courage.

While remaining traditional with our values, we strive to constantly keep ourselves updated with the most effective self defense concepts and skills in order be prepared to face the most modern challenges.